shell Backup using xcopy

REM @echo off
echo Backup Executed on %date%. >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Contacts >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Contacts" "\\server\share\Contacts" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Desktop >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Desktop" "\\server\share\Desktop" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Documents >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Documents" "\\server\share\Documents" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Downloads >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Downloads" "\\server\share\Downloads" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Favorites >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Favorites" "\\server\share\Favorites" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Links >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Links" "\\server\share\Links" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Music >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Music" "\\server\share\Music" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Pictures >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Pictures" "\\server\share\Pictures" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Saved Games >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Saved Games" "\\server\share\Saved Games" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Searches >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Searches" "\\server\share\Searches" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Videos >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Users\bob\Videos" "\\server\share\Videos" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
echo Terminals >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
xcopy "C:\Program Files\Terminals\Terminals.config" "\\server\share\Documents\Backups\Terminals\%date%\" /D /E /V /C /F /H /R /Y >> "C:\Logs\Backup\%date%.log"
Carries out Backups of all Windows User folders to a share on another server, using xcopy.

Updated: Tuesday 5th October 2010, 02:46pm

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